Having a business trip to Brunei, I combined work with pleasure. There are only two dive centers. My choice was just pure random. We had a couple of mails sent back and forth, exchanging time and date, phone numbers, just in case. The pickup was just as agreed, right on time. The gear was in great shape, the guys at the shop very helpful.

We drove to a jetty where our medium sized speed-boat was there ready for us. 45 minute sailing time to the first dive spot, a decommissioned rig. Viz was good, water temp around 30°C, no current, easy peasy dive.  As we were only 3 divers, I had loads of time to fiddle around with my new cam (Olympus TG5, inc. dome). We had a pleasant 62 minute dive.

Second dive was close by at “The Cement Wreck”. Viz a little bit less, but still good enough. The ship was upright and great for swim through.  I messed up my camera settings during that dive, so not many pics to show. Diving time 66 minutes.

Third dive was on a patch of corral, great for macro. Viz improved again and I even managed to spot a tiny bumblebee shrimp there.

The next day viz was even better, and dived the other 3 wrecks. Average dive length was about 50 minutes.

Brunei was actually not really on my bucket-list, but the dive sites were good, and it definitely was a welcome break during my business trip.

Pictures of Diving at Brunei 2017


Second time around.. Guess I did a good job last time I visited my customer here in Brunei.. so I “had” to go there again to finish the project.

After that you of course need some R&R. As I do enjoy a beer once in a while I had to pop over to Miri in Malaysia. That’s a 45 min drive from Kuala Belait.


There’s a nice diving shop too, so have a look at my Malaysia page.