Cambodia was so amazing! As Vietnam, it was not really my plan to go there, but as I reached Ho Chi Minh City, popping over to Cambodia was a no-brainer. Who would not want to see the Angkor Wat temples?! And as water is not far, why not try to do some diving too??

While traveling to the border by bus, I got talking to a Cambodian guy. After a bit of standard chit chat,  we started to talk about small islands. Asking him where I could best head for he gave me the name of one island which was split into two parts, one crowded and the other very quiet. So next stop: Ferry

I kid you not.. he wasn’t lying! This was a small paradise. On the quiet side of this island, there was electricity only when the small generator was fired up to fill the scuba tanks! 2 restaurants, 1 dive resort. Total silence… I was lucky to be just one of the 3 guests on that resort that week.

Diving was good. Nice viz, water temp 28°C. Unfortunately not spectacular underwater scenery, but still, nice. There were big schools mackerel, some nudibranches and large cone snails. Equipment was kept in good shape, boat was a medium size, crew was very  professional.

This was not a party island, but for those who need get rid of stress… Perfect place

Pictures of Diving at Cambodia  2015