Going to Egypt was my longest bike tour ever! I traveled from Holland to Brindisi, Italy, took the ferry from there to Patras, Greece and from there drove all along the coast line, keeping the water always to my right. Doing so, you will pass through the Peloponnese and eventually end up at the Turkish border. There still keeping water to my right, I drove down to Marmaris and took the ferry from there to Haifa via Cyprus. I visited the popular places in Israel and continued driving towards Egypt. I crossed the border at Eilat and visited Cairo. From there on I dropped all the way down to Aswan, crossed the desert to the red sea and headed up again. Stopping in Hurghada, (we are talking 1992!!) I had to search for a place to sleep. Luckily found a condo for rent. The owner asked me if I would like to stay the next day for a diving trip. THAT’S WHEN MY ADDICTION STARTED!! Diving equipment was from the stone age compare to today. But a fantastic diving trip it was! No mass tourism, no coral destruction.. All pristine diving sites. 

Pictures of Diving in Egypt 1992