Sipadan Island shares its top diving spot with 2 other destinations known for the diversity of their marine life — the Galápagos Islands and Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia (which are still not ticked off in my list!).

Getting to Mabul from Holland is quite a long travel. It took me almost exactly 24 hours. But be assured, it was well worth it!

I have never ever experienced such a viz. I often tell friends that diving in a swimming-pool does not even come close to the viz I experienced there. The expression crystal clear must have been invented here!

The diversity of creatures was superb. From tiny Marco to REALLY HUGE giant groupers. Sharks and turtles were so abundant, that after a while you didn’t even pay any attention to them anymore… 

Around Mabul, the size of some schools of fish were almost frightening. When diving below them in their shadow I had to readjust my camera’s setting, so little light!



Pictures of Diving at Malaysia 2012


After a long week at work in Brunei, I pampered myself with a week of diving in Malaysia. Miri and Kota Kinabalu to be exact. With a water temperature of 31 degrees Celsius you will relax! Viz was good, and for sure enough to discover. Driving distance from Miri to Kota Kinabalu is about 440 Km and should take you about 7 hours. (I heard 😉 it can be done in less than 6)


Pictures of Diving at Malaysia 2018