Oman was never really on my Bucket List, but receiving a great offer for a live-aboard there and needing a break from work, I decided to just go for it. Another motivation was to meet up with a dive buddy in Qatar after and do a desert tracking / camping.

The flight from Amsterdam to Doha with a stop-over in Qatar was good, only having to wait for 8 hours in the airport of Qatar was not really a pleasure. The available seats were all with armrests, so lying down on them was almost impossible.

Doha airport itself was fairly small and passing through customs was very quick. The pickup service of the live-aboard was on time and within half an hour I was at the boat. The vessel looked quite luxurious and crew was very friendly. It was still in progress of being cleaned from the last trip, but restaurants and hotels were close by, so you could have a relaxing time there.

Once aboard and settled my holiday was on it’s way! Beers were free on board, so lying on the sun-deck with a cold one was great!

Pictures of Diving at Oman 2019


What I really liked about diving in Oman was that it still is not yet discovered by the large numbers. We were always the only boat on the dive site. In general the diving was OK, nothing spectacular, but viz was mostly good and marine life was healthy. If you like loads of moray eels and pufferfish, this is the place to go.